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Our Legacy

As a relatively young brand (2005) Our Legacy has quickly proved it's worth and vision. Using fabrics from far and wide to create classic styles with a forward thinking element. Shop the latest collection here.

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50's Great Skull Sweat
180.00 | Our Legacy | 50's Great Skull Sweat | Neon
Box Flannel Check Shirt
160.00 | Our Legacy | Box Flannel Check Shirt | Lemongrass
Box Flannel Shirt
170.00 | Our Legacy | Box Flannel Shirt | Gingham
Country Liquid Wool Shirt
215.00 | Our Legacy | Country Liquid Wool Shirt | Blue Check
Draped Carded Wool Trousers
260.00 | Our Legacy | Draped Carded Wool Trousers | Black
Drip Carded Wool Shirt
285.00 | Our Legacy | Drip Carded Wool Shirt | Black
Embroidered Stripes LS Box Tee
119.00 | Our Legacy | Embroidered Stripes LS Box Tee | Black
Generation Cotton/Linen Shirt
160.00 | Our Legacy | Generation Cotton/Linen Shirt | Grass
Initial Mustang Print Shirt
265.00 | Our Legacy | Initial Mustang Print Shirt | Black
Original BD Basket Weave Shirt
180.00 | Our Legacy | Original BD Basket Weave Shirt | Black
Perfect Jersey Tee
79.00 | Our Legacy | Perfect Jersey Tee | Colbalt Army
Poly/Cotton Track Pants
210.00 | Our Legacy | Poly/Cotton Track Pants | Black
Reversible Solaro Sweat
170.00 | Our Legacy | Reversible Solaro Sweat | Lemongrass
Rodeo Light Denim Jacket
260.00 | Our Legacy | Rodeo Light Denim Jacket | Blue
Satin Ballcap
95.00 | Our Legacy | Satin Ballcap | Beige
Splash Print Open Hood Sweat
185.00 | Our Legacy | Splash Print Open Hood Sweat | Polar Blue
Suede Zip Shirt
580.00 | Our Legacy | Suede Zip Shirt | Denim Blue

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