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New Balance

New Balance has been making trainers and footwear for over one hundred years, since they were first established at the beginning of the 20th century. By the 1970's the company began to specialise in Trainers for athletes, and by the 1990's they were targeting other sports such as Football, and sponsored the England and Manchester United captain Bryan Robson to wear their products. In recent years as well as making athletic shoes they have turned their hand to making more fashion orientated footwear to great acclaim. Here at Dogfish we stock a great selection of New Balance trainers.

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M1500RBO Shoe
£115.00 £57.50 | New Balance | M1500RBO Shoe | Navy Orange
M576SRB Shoe
£99.00 £49.50 | New Balance | M576SRB Shoe | Red Colbalt
MRL996DG Shoe
£89.00 £44.50 | New Balance | MRL996DG Shoe | Steel
MRL996ES Shoe
£89.00 £44.50 | New Balance | MRL996ES Shoe | Sand
U420UGN Shoe
£65.00 £32.50 | New Balance | U420UGN Shoe | Grey Navy
U430SGR Shoe
£60.00 £30.00 | New Balance | U430SGR Shoe | Grey Red
U430SGY Shoe
£60.00 £30.00 | New Balance | U430SGY Shoe | Grey Green
U430SKB Shoe
£60.00 £30.00 | New Balance | U430SKB Shoe | Black Red
U430SPO Shoe
£60.00 £30.00 | New Balance | U430SPO Shoe | Plum Petrol
US574MD Shoe
£125.00 £62.50 | New Balance | US574MD Shoe | Navy Red
US574SL Shoe
£125.00 £62.50 | New Balance | US574SL Shoe | Red Black

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